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Every year, your lawn talks to you, so to speak. More accurately, your lawn provides signs that it needs something. Whether that is water, fertilizer, aeration or grub control…your lawn will tell you when something is wrong. Unfortunately sometimes you don’t notice until it’s too late. That’s where we come in. At Red Fern, we’ll stay ahead of your lawn’s needs and keep it happy

and healthy all season long.

Our 5-Step Fertilization Package is

designed to provide our customers

with a beautiful lawn, free of weeds, all season long. All five of our lawn treatments are applied using superior, slow-release, dry granular fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizer steadily feeds your lawn for up to six weeks after the initial application, without the worries of turf burn. In addition, a liquid blanket treatment is applied in the spring for optimal weed control, while also feeding the lawn important micro nutrients. Each step plays an important role in establishing and maintaining a thick, green, weed free lawn. All applications are conducted by a certified licensed applicator, using the best materials and equipment the green industry has to offer.

5 Step Fertilization & Weed Control Program

Application 1 (April - May)

Early Spring Lawn Application

We apply a granular fertilizer combined with pre-emergent and early post-emergent crabgrass control. This application boosts growth and helps the lawn green up faster, while also providing extended feeding and weed control.



Application 2 (May - June)

Late Spring Lawn Application

We apply a blanket post-emergent selective herbicide to control any broadleaf weeds that have germinated in the turf since the last application. A slow release fertilizer is also applied during this application to improve the lawns overall health and appearance.



Application 3 (June - July)

Summer Lawn Application

We apply a slow-release fertilizer to steadily feed and maintain a healthy lawn throughout the hot days of summer. This application strengthens and prepares the lawn for the stressful days of summer, increasing its ability to tolerate drought and extreme temperatures. If necessary, spot treatments are applied to kill any broad leaf weeds that are present at the time of application.



Application 4 (August - September)

Fall Lawn Application

We apply slow-release fertilizer to steadily feed the lawn and maintain its health throughout the summer and into fall. Provides the lawn with the essential nutrients it needs to regain its strength, healthy roots, and durability following a stressful summer. If needed, spot treatments are applied to kill any broadleaf weeds that are present at the time of application.


Application 5 (October - November)

Fall Winterizer:

We supplies the lawn with the needed food reserves for the dormant winter ahead, while also continuing to strengthen grass roots. Winterizer carries the lawn through the winter and into early spring. This application is one of the most important application of the year, it will help the lawn flourish next year.

Why Fertilize your Lawn?

  • Fertilizing is one of the best ways to establish a lush green lawn, enhancing the beauty of the landscape.

  • A healthy lawn helps prevent pests.

  • Dense top growth protects against soil erosion and reduces sound.

  • Grass plants release significant amounts of oxygen into the air.

  • Dense grass removes significant amounts of carbon dioxide, air pollutants, and dust particles from the air.

  • A well-fed lawn comes to life quicker and healthier in the spring.

  • Research has shown that a dense root system and top growth allows turfgrass to prevent pesticides and water pollutants from moving down into the soil.

  • Aside from water and lawn aerating, the single most important thing you can do for your lawn is to provide it with the proper nutrition.

The difference between fertilized and non fertilized lawn

Need a little more than a lawn care program? No problem. We provide a wide variety of other lawn care services to homeowners too, including: seasonal mowing, lawn aeration, seeding, spring and fall cleanup, snow removal, and even seasonal mosquito control!

 Our Profesional Lawn Care Service