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Lawn Aeration

 Do you feel like no matter how much you water your lawn it never seems to change, does your lawn not seem to grow as well as you think it should or do you feel it doesn't look any different before or after you have it fertilized? Any of these problems could mean the lawn needs to be aerated. Grass that doesn't get enough air, water and nutrients will never reach its full potential, therefor you will never be happy with the way your lawn looks. If you just can not get the result you are looking for the most effective ways to get there is by aerating you lawn. This practice is the best thing that can be done to your lawn to improve it's over all health and vigor.


Aeration Benefits

Even with the best care available, your lawn can thin out and lose its color due to excessive thatch buildup, or stress caused by too much foot traffic or pet traffic through specific areas that create hard and compacted soils. Aerating your lawn will yield several solutions to your lawns problems. Here are some of the benefits your lawn will receive:

Benifits provided By Aerating


  1. Proper soil conditions: In order for a lawn to thrive, grass needs loose soil that will allow air, water and nutrients to reach the root system. By aerating the soil compaction will be reduced making room for these essential elements to penetrate through the soil.

  2. Thatch reduction: A heavy thatch layer can act like a sponge and absorb water and nutrients, not allowing it to reach the root system of the lawn. Aerating greatly speeds up thatch breakdown by incorporating soil into the thatch layer. This will allow micro-organisms to break down the thatch from the top and bottom and reduce its accumulation. Thatch reduction also leads to a reduced chance for fungus diseases to develop in your lawn.

  3. Deeper root system: It will improve the depth and extent of your grass's root system. This will allow for better water uptake and enhancing fertilizer use. Deep roots help the grass survive extreme conditions such as cold winters and dry hot summers.

  4. Better drainage: Soil compaction and thatch restrict proper water absorption. When soil is compacted, water cannot be absorbed into it so you will see a lot of standing water or excessive run of, however loose soil enable water to reach the root system. Aerated lawns require much less water that ones that haven't been aerated.

​As you can see a core aeration is an important practice to provide your lawn with the ultimate care. In fact an aerated yard is even more responsive to other lawn care services. Take fertilizing for example, if you fertilize a yard that hasn’t been aerated, heavy thatch and compacted soil could prevent the nutrients from reaching the grass roots. However, once the lawn is aerated it gives the fertilizer a direct path to the roots system. Regardless of how much time and energy you pour into your lawn, you could unknowingly be limiting its potential by neglecting one essential task: lawn aeration.

Need a little more than aerating? No problem. We provide a wide variety of other lawn care services to homeowners too, including: seasonal mowing, lawn fertilizer and weed control applications, seeding, spring and fall cleanup and removal, and even seasonal mosquito control!